About Us

For Members:
A weekly, open-air retail marketplace
in beautiful location
Customer referrals
Advertising and promotion
Credit card sales

For Customers:
A weekly, open-air Marketplace and community event
Referrals to products or members
Credit card sales
Gift certificates

Have a place where people can enjoy
shopping at an open-air MARKET PLACE,
have great food experience
and have many choices from local artist, craftsmen




About Public Market:
The Mission statement of the
Florence Public Market is:

1) To promote the public appreciation and advance
the awareness of local art and artisans,

2) To promote art. advance the growth and development
of new business and successful local artisans.

3) To promote and advance the arts craft and farming;

4) To promote community education and networking:

5) To promote the social welfare of the community
by encouraging the interaction and cross-